Fifty Ways To Abuse Your Voice, new

Fifty Ways To Abuse Your Voice

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Fifty Ways To Abuse Your Voice

A Singer's Guide to a Short Career

Robert T. Sataloff, M.D., D.M.A, F.A.C.S., Mary J. Hawkshaw, R.N., B.S.N., CORLN, Jaime Eaglin Moore, M.D., Amy L. Rutt, D.O. 9781909082153. Paperback £15

Starting out? Starting over? Never went away? Whether you are a professional, serious amateur, social, or student singer, this is a book you must read, digest and keep with you at all times.

Inside are 50 great ways in which you can ruin your singing voice—along with concise, practical and authoritative advice on how to avoid or resolve them!

From the very real hazards of allergic reactions or respiratory problems caused by stage fog or even scenery paints, to choosing the right singing teacher or even the right career. Whether making an informed decision over a physician and what you tell them, to listening to the “good advice” of others regarding herbal remedies, it is all here: straightforward, accessible information, highlighting common errors of omission and commission, giving you the very best guidance on critical issues that affect the quality and duration of your singing career.




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