The Percy Whitlock Companion, new

The Percy Whitlock Companion

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The Percy Whitlock Companion

Selected & Edited Malcolm Riley 97809555669 288 pages, P/B £15 

Malcolm Riley, a great Whitlock champion who has performed his music on disc, was responsible for Percy Whitlock – Organist and Composer published in 1998. It offered the first real opportunity to study Whitlock’s life and his work in a comprehensive and cogent way. And for most people, even British Music lovers, Whitlock’s name was just that. His sadly brief life may have been lived mainly on the fringes in Bournemouth but as the appendices to this volume show, he was an active broadcaster, recitalist and appeared at one Prom.

The volume covers correspondence to and from Whitlock, a series of articles written by him for certain journals, those valuable BBC broadcast programmes and his recitals for the Organ Music Society. There’s also a recently discovered short story called Country Holiday and an even more recently discovered Song of Bournemouth. The volume also contains an article on The South Eastern and Chatham Railway written by the fourteen year old Whitlock in 1920!

 “His now stilled written voice comes across intimately in this handsomely produced volume” MusicWeb






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