The Complete Organ Works of Thomas Tertius Noble Vol 2

The Complete Organ Works of Thomas Tertius Noble Vol 2

Composer T Tertius Noble
Voice/Instrument CD Recording
Difficulty Unrated

Played on the Organ of York Minster by John Scott Whiteley.

1. Toccata and fugue in F minor, 1889

2. Autumn, 1932

3. Air & Variations in A flat, 1889

4. Introduction & fugue in G minor, 1889

5. Legend, 1943

6. Prelude on Melcombe, 1924

7. Prelude on Dominus regit me, c1929

8. Triumphal March, 1909

9. Prelude on Stracathro, 1926

10. Sunshine Scherzo, 1921

11. Prelude on Walsall, 1926

12, Prelude on Picardy, 1925

13. Prelude on Charity, c1933

Sonata in A, c1887

14. I Prelude

15. II Andante

16. III Fugue

A Priory Records Digital Recording, recorded and produced by Neil Collier, digital editing by Paul Crichton. Recorded in York Minster in May 2014.

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