All My Life's Buried Here - The Story of George Butterworth (DVD)

All My Life's Buried Here - The Story of George Butterworth (DVD)

Voice/Instrument DVD
Difficulty Unrated

For the frst time in a documentary film, the remarkable story of British composer George Butterworth (1885 – 1916) - his music, life and times. Produced by Stewart morgan Hajdukiewicz.

Drawing on newly uncovered archival treasures, ALL MY LIFE’S BURIED HERE is the compelling account of a pioneering British composer, musician, folk song collector and dancer cut down in his prime on the battlefeld of the Somme. This landmark flm aims to bring about a better understanding of Butterworth's life and work, and presents fascinating new information on the composer and his achievements. Having screened in 30 UK cinemas throughout 2019 to widespread acclaim, a Limited Edition DVD package including extra features has now been released.

During the flm we accompany Butterworth on his folk song collecting trips into the countryside with Ralph Vaughan Williams, discover who the folk singers were and how their music inspired George Butterworth's own craft. We learn why Butterworth once described himself as 'a professional morris dancer' and experience his fnest orchestral music in the classic performances under conductor (and friend of Butterworth) Sir Adrian Boult. We enjoy Butterworth's Housman songs in exclusive new live renditions by Roderick Williams and examine contemporary reactions to these works, as well
as uncovering what led Butterworth to destroy so much of his own music after volunteering in World War One. Through his letters home and the memoirs of those who knew him we follow Butterworth's journey to the frontline of the Somme where he met his tragically early demise. We gain new insights about Butterworth the man from his surviving family members and beneft from enlightening contributions from a selection of present day commentators.

ALL MY LIFE'S BURIED HERE is a portrait documentary that is rich in content, comprehensive in scope and crafted in a style that refects the character of its subject.

“Very moving … the best flm account of a composer's life I have ever seen” - Ralph Vaughan Williams Society Journal
“Highly recommended” - Ian A. Anderson (fRoots)
“Genuinely moving and beautifully flmed” - English Dance and Song

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