A Little Organ Book In Memory Of Hubert Parry

A Little Organ Book In Memory Of Hubert Parry

Composer Various
Voice/Instrument ORGAN
Difficulty Unrated

At Sir Hubert Parry's funeral in St Paul's Cathedral on October 16th 1918, a few of his friends made a small wreath of melodies, which were woven together and played. The pieces in this book have been written and given by these friends and a few besides, as a rather larger wreath, in loving memory of him. The title of the book was suggested by the original heading on his own piece (which stands as the first of them). "For the Little Organ Book". (1924)


1. C Hubert H Parry: Untitled: "For the Little Organ Book"
2. C V Stanford: Chorale Prelude "Why does azure deck the sky")
3. A Herbert Brewer: Carillon
4. Alan Gray: Untitled
5. Charles Macpherson: Untitled
6. Ivor Atkins: Chorale Prelude on "Worcester"
7. Frank Bridge: Untitled
8. Harold E Darke: Untitled
9. Charles Wood: Untitled
10. Walter G Alcock: Untitled
11. G Thalben Ball: Elegy
12. Henry G Ley: Improvisation
13. Walford Davies: Jesu Dulcis Memoria



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