Butterfly's Son

Butterfly's Son

Composer Bob Chilcott
Voice/Instrument SAB
Difficulty Unrated

Butterfly's Son is a fantasy that reflects on the thoughts and life of a young boy, born to a Japanese mother and an American father, as he grows up with his American parents in the early part of the twentieth century. He loves his adopted home of San Francisco along with many aspects of his life there, especially jazz music. He does, however, have to face up to not only feeling and looking different, but also feeling disconnected from the place of his birth.

The composer has scored this peice chorally for SAB choir, but, if need be, the bass part can be left out, or the alto and bass parts can be left out. As long as there is always a soprano part, different scorings of your choice can be used for different sections of the piece. 

Duration: c.16 minutes

Piano accompaniment


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