Offprints and downloads from Nowell! Nowell! BMP006 - a collection of fifty Christmas carols for Soprano, Alto and Men.
Edited by Vernon Hoyle and Jonathan Wainwright
Contributors: Humphrey Clucas, Louis Halsey, Vernon Hoyle, Richard Lloyd, John Sanders, Andrew Seivewright and Magnus Williamson.

Many choirs share a common problem: insufficient or a complete absence of tenors. In this collection the editors have sought to complement existing repertoire by providing easy and attractive settings that will meet the needs of a three-part chorus of modest accomplishment in all situations, whether accompanied or unaccompanied. The music falls into three broad categories:

1. Three-part settings of well-known carols in which audiences and congregations can participate, the harmonies of which are compatible with the usual four-part versions, complete with special last-verse arrangements.

2. Three-part arrangements of traditional carols for choral performance

3. New settings of traditional and modern texts.


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