A Garland for Guthlac (Flourish, Theme and Versets), recent publications

A Garland for Guthlac (Flourish, Theme and Versets)

Composer Antony Baldwin
Voice/Instrument ORGAN
Difficulty Unrated

Commissioned by Peter Davies, Director of Music, St Guthlac's Church, Market Deeping, Lincolnshire to celebrate the restoration of the 1881 William Hill organ.

"In composing the work, I was governed always by G major/minor, favourite key colours for me, which also stands for Guthlac. Second, I sought archaic forms, underscoring Guthlac’s antiquity.  Thus, I wrote an initial Flourish (to greet Guthlac’s spirit at the West Door of his “new Parish Church”) followed by a strong, modal/minor tune, metrical but displaying the contour of plainsong, on which I based a series of short versets, recounting episodes in Guthlac’s life and recording his sheer distance from our time. The work concludes with a reiteration of Guthlac’s Flourish, welcoming him into his heavenly home".

Antony Baldwin



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