Faith, Love, Hope

Faith, Love, Hope

Composer Frederick Stocken
Voice/Instrument ORGAN
Difficulty Unrated

Faith, Hope and Love are the so-called ‘theological virtues.’ The changing of the traditional order to Faith, Love, Hope was because it made a more satisfying musical shape in my imagination, with Love as the reflective centre of the three movements.  Before Love comes Faith, which is an exultant toccata-like piece with a motto theme in the pedals based on how the words ‘I believe’ might be sung. Hope comes as the climax of the three pieces with its urgent main motif dominating the movement. The whole work lasts about ten minutes, with each movement in the region of three minutes – a similar scheme to my Archangels – and I always intended that each of the pieces might be suitable for the liturgy on its own, or that all three together might make a satisfying recital group. I gave the first performance in a recital at St Lawrence Jewry in London in February 2014 - Frederick Stocken 2014


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