Composer Christopher Maxim
Voice/Instrument ORGAN
Difficulty Unrated


Quite by chance I had just dug out my copy of Christopher Maxim's Toccata Nuptiale, a splendid pastiche on 'Daisy, Daisy' and I had been wondering if there would be any more to come when this Processional arrived. It is a fairly short, tuneful and not too serious wedding processional, which will be welcome listening on many other occasions. A lively, well-articulated manual touch is needed, and confident, well-marked pedal playing -- nothing too difficult, though. Well worth the modest price.
Trevor Webb (Church Music Quarterly)

Processional was written for a wedding and could be used as the bride enters or as a postlude, although neither is specified. It starts with a trumpet flourish which is followed by a jaunty march. This leads to a cantabile middle section which goes through several keys rather restlessly before ushering in a repeat of the opening march theme. This gives way to a final version of the opening trumpet theme, this time scored for full organ. An effective occasional piece, not difficult to play.
Alan Spedding (Organists' Review)




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