Step By Step Studies Book 1

Step By Step Studies Book 1

Composer Various
Arranger/Editor Felix Swinstead (Ed.)
Voice/Instrument PIANO
Difficulty Unrated

36 short pieces by various composers, selected and annotated by Felix Swinstead. Each piece has been chosen to help practice and improve technique. Like the Step by Step to the Classics series, there are 6 graded books, providing a useful companion series. 


Anon: For the five fingers; Finger work in contrary motion

Swinstead: For independence of the hands; The same in key of G; The same

Czerny: For repeated notes

Bertini: Introducing quavers

Swinstead: For independence of hands; For legato between the hands; Introducing sequences; The same for the left hand

Muller: For triple time and legato

Swinstead: Requiring nimble fingers; For changing the finger groups

Czerny: Melody with repeated notes; For legato and staccato; Melody and quaver accompaniment

Le Couppey: Introducing tied notes and accidentals

Swinstead: Introducing dotted notes

Anon: For broken chords in 6/8 time

Swinstead: For the development of a sense of key; For legato between the hands; Broken chords; For decision and accent

Diabelli: Slurs; Slurs and legato

Swinstead: Tied notes and cantabile

Lemoine: For part playing

Swinstead: Staccato chords and rhythm

Czerny: For agility; For agility in changing fingers on a snake

Le Couppey: For staccato and legato

Swinstead: For neat punctuation

Le Couppey: For rhythm and accent; For neat punctuation

Diabelli: For rhythm and accent

(24 pages, this is an archive edition)


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