Step By Step Studies Book 2

Step By Step Studies Book 2

Composer Various
Arranger/Editor Felix Swinstead (Ed.)
Voice/Instrument PIANO
Difficulty Unrated

16 short pieces by various composers, selected and annotated by Felix Swinstead. Each piece has been chosen to help practice and improve technique. Like the Step by Step to the Classics series, there are 6 graded books, providing a useful companion series. 


Duvernoy: Scale passages for each hand

Kohler: For the left hand

Burgmuller: For neat phrasing

Czerny: For passing evenly from hand to hand

Lemoine: For each finger backed up with the hand

Heller: For expressive playing

Le Couppey: For graceful slurs

Purcell: For cantabile touch

Swinstead: For turning the thumb under

Czerny: For the left hand

Heller: For appreciation of suspensions

Czerny: For scale passages

Duvernoy: For cantabile with soft smooth accompaniment

Heller: For tonal contrasts and rhythm

Burgmuller: For rhythm and accent

Swinstead: For the left hand

(28 pages, this is an archive edition)


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