The Great Chishill Motets Volume 1 - Five Motets for Holy Week, recent publications


The Great Chishill Motets Volume 1 - Five Motets for Holy Week

Composer Jamie W Hall
Voice/Instrument SAB
Accompaniment Unaccompanied
Difficulty Unrated

The Great Chishill Motets is an ongoing series of choral works aimed at supporting those amazing church choirs up and down the country who want to sing interesting and moderately challenging choral music - where every singer gets an equally important line to sink their teeth into - but where perhaps numbers are limited, particularly in the tenor and bass sections.

These three-part compositions are straightforward, practical, can be performed unaccompanied or with light organ support, and have a lower part suitable for tenors, basses, and recently changed voices.

Volume 1 provides suitable material for Holy Week, from Palm Sunday all the way to Easter - altos in particular will be grateful to sing more than one note!


Hosanna to the Son of David

God So Loved the World


O Saviour of the World

Easter Carol


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