Evening Service (Magnificat & Nunc dimittis & Deus misereatur), recent publications

Evening Service (Magnificat & Nunc dimittis & Deus misereatur)

Composer Nicholas Strogers
Arranger/Editor Geoffrey Webber (Ed)
Voice/Instrument SATB
Accompaniment Unaccompanied
Difficulty Unrated

The Evening Service by Nicholas Strogers comes from one of the earliest 'short' services to have survived. It was one of six services regularly sung at the Chapel Royal in the early 17th century and was given pride of place next to Tallis's setting in Barnard's published collection of 1641. It is highly unusual in that the Deus misereatur (Psalm 67) is also provided as an alternative canticle to the Nunc dimittis (as permitted in the Book of Common Prayer after 1552), though Barnard suggested that it could also be sung as an anthem. The edition is printed in short score, and the music has been transposed up a tone for SATB, though the piece could be sung by lower voices if performed down a tone at its original notated pitch.

ISBN 9780193954311


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