Nowell Nowell

Nowell Nowell

Composer Chris Williams
Voice/Instrument SATB
Difficulty Unrated

A complete Christmas resource for choirs

A stunning collection of carols including six with brass and three rounds. The majority are for unaccompanied choir and are varied in style; from the very simple unaccompanied setting of I sing of a Maiden through to the more challenging A Babe is Born. There are six new carols for brass and choir, which can also be performed with organ or piano - from Hark! the Herald Angels Sing with its simple hymn-like style for the choir and virtuosic brass writing to the somewhat tongue-in-cheek Merry Christmas Cha-Cha-Cha!

Chris Williams is a composer with amazingly wide popular appeal. The carols in this volume span over a 25 year period, written for friends or groups which Chris was involved with or directed. They have been performed and loved by both singers and audiences alike.

"These are a wonderful addition to the collection and add a real brilliance and contrast. There are also three rounds to get your audiences up and singing. The carols fit perfectly into any Christmas concert and as a conductor I have found them invaluable. The carols are all gems; it is hard to pick a favourite. I hope that by publishing all these carols in a single volume this will become a valued Christmas resource for you too."
Graham Wili

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