Howard Goodall's Songs from the Musicals

Howard Goodall's Songs from the Musicals

Publisher Faber Music Ltd
Composer Various
Arranger/Editor Howard Goodall (Arr.)
Voice/Instrument SOLO
Accompaniment Piano
Difficulty Unrated
Howard Goodall’s Songs from the Musicals for female voice brings together a wonderful collection of songs from the musicals of Howard Goodall. Highlights include songs from Bend it Like Beckham and Girlfriends

The songbook also features insights and quotes from some of the musicals’ cast members including Rosalie Craig and Lucie Jones and includes beautiful audio tracks by West End leading lady Lauren Samuels, accompanied by the composer.
  1. There She Goes (Bend it Like Beckham)
  2. The Chances Are (Girlfriends)
  3. Day Follows Day (The Hired Man)
  4. Miss Hardcastle’s Wedding (The Kissing Dance)
  5. The Dreaming (The Dreaming)
  6. Not Ideal (The Stunners’ Opera)
  7. The Sorrow of My Fate (Two Cities)
  8. Lorca (Days of Hope)
  9. Glorious (Bend it Like Beckham)
  10. The Same Sun Shines (A Winter’s Tale)
  11. Nocturnes (Love Story)
  12. Days of Hope (Days of Hope)
  13. If I Could (The Hired Man)
  14. Wake Me, O Wake Me (Girlfriends)
  15. The Tyranny of a Lie (A Winter’s Tale)
  16. The Kissing Dance (The Kissing Dance)
  17. There I Will Be (Anna Karenina)


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