Automatic Long Point Pencil Sharpener, new

Automatic Long Point Pencil Sharpener

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Automatic Long Point Pencil Sharpener

Ref: WKDALPS £5.95

The long point sharpeners are very popular among musicians, artists, designers and architects. The reason for this is that the blade sharpens the pencils in a particularly small angle. Thereby an extreme long and thin point can be formed. Tiny details and lines can be drawn easily. Furthermore, the point will stay sharp for a longer time so the pencils don’t have to be sharpened as often.

Precision sharpener for everybody who wants a long precise pencil point. The separate sharpening of wood and lead gives a very improved performance. The Automatic Stop controls the long, fine points and avoids unnecessary waste.

Made in Germany with KUM Dynamic Torsion Action which will keep the high-carbon steel blade under positive tension during the sharpening process.

Extra-long point pencil sharpener with additional lead pointer function.

Suitable for sharpening 2mm and 3.15mm lead.

One hole is used to shape the wood and the second hole shapes the lead.

A small waste container and two spare blades in flip-top case.

Can be used for round, hexagonal, and triangular pencil shape

KUM Carbon Steel blades are of the highest-quality available.

2 Step long cone sharpener

The Blade removes only the wood from the lead until the lead touches the Automatic Stop. It is not possible to sharpen further.

The free lead has now the right length for blade 2. It sharpens the lead to an extra long point. The Automatic Stop prevents further sharpening when the perfect point is finished.

Automatic AS2M

Combined pencil and lead sharpener for standard pencils and drawing leads with 2 mm and 3,15 mm.





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