A Young Person's Guide to Vocal Health, new

A Young Person's Guide to Vocal Health

Publisher Other
Composer Olivia Sparkhall
Voice/Instrument BOOK
Difficulty Unrated

If you want to maintain a good, healthy speaking and singing voice, then it is essential that you keep your voice box in good working order.

Here is a simple guide to help you understand what’s good (and what’s bad!) when looking after your ‘vocal instrument’, and how you can keep your voice in great shape.

It shows you the best ways to maintain good vocal health and how to avoid or deal with problems like colds and sore throats, shouting in sports halls, overuse, poor diet, hormones, anxiety and, yes, smoking, drinking alcohol and using drugs!

Ideal for singing teachers and choir leaders in engendering good vocal habits in young people.

Olivia Sparkhall MA, PGCE is a voice specialist with a particular interest in helping young people to reach their vocal potential. She read for a Masters in Voice Pedagogy and has since had articles published on vocal warm-ups for children, choral music written by women, and composing for the community.

She is a teacher at Godolphin School, Salisbury, UK, where she directs the award-winning Godolphin Vocal Ensemble. In demand as a vocal workshop leader, Olivia has worked with many young choirs, and conducts massed children’s choir concerts for the charity, Barnardo’s.

An acclaimed composer, Olivia is published by Banks Music Publications, Encore Publications, and Chichester Music Press, as well as being part of the series research and editorial team for the Multitude of Voyces CIC Sacred Music by Women Composers set of anthologies.

Published April 2023

Paperback (56 pages)






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