The Complete Organ Music of Alan Spedding

The Complete Organ Music of Alan Spedding

Composer Alan Spedding
Voice/Instrument CD Recording
Difficulty Unrated

Played on the organ of Beverley Minster by John Scott Whiteley and Alan Spedding*. The pieces played by John Scott Whiteley were recorded by David Rogers in January 2018.

The sheet music for several of these titles is available through this website. Please follow the links.

Toccata-Carillon* (1994)

1. Toccata* 3:13

2. Fugue* 2:17

3. Variations on Urbs beata (July 1995) 10:46

4 Intrada (July 1999) 2:17

5. Variations on Victimae paschali laudes (June 2000) 19:10

Recuerdos - Seven Pieces (2003):

6. I Carillon

7. II Scherzo (Seikilo's Song)

8. III Pedale

9. IV Nocturne

10. V Carols

11. VI Elegy

12. VII Nowell

Pilgrimage: Processional and Postlude (2004)

13. Processional

14. Postlude

15. Deo Gratias (2007)

16. Variations on Ave maris stella (c. 2010)

17. Diversions on a Chorale: Vater unser im Himmelreich (2013)

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