Autumn Festivals

Autumn Festivals

Composer David Blackwell
Arranger/Editor Groome Te Velde / Blackwell
Voice/Instrument ORGAN
Difficulty Unrated

Oxford Hymn Settings for Organists: Autumn Festivals

37 original pieces on hymns for World Communion, Reformation/The Church, Harvest, All Saints, All Souls, Remembrance, Christ the King, and Thanksgiving

Edited by Rebecca Groom te Velde and David Blackwell


All Saints, David Thorne
All things bright and beautiful, Thomas Hewitt Jones
Aurelia, David Blackwell
Bunessan, Alan Bullard
Coronation, David Schelat
Crucifer, Rebecca Groom te Velde
Darwall's 148th, James Biery
Ein' feste Burg, Rebecca Groom te Velde
Engelberg, Paul Leddington Wright
England's Lane, Thomas Hewitt Jones
Ewing, Rory Boyle
Give thanks, James Biery
Grand Isle, Charles Callahan
He is King, Robert J. Powell
Kilmarnock, Alan Bullard
King's Lynn, Craig Phillips
Kremser, Matthew H. Corl
Lancashire, Charles Callahan
Lasst uns erfreuen, David Bednall
Llanfair, Simon Lole
Lobe den Herren, Philip Moore
McKee, Matthew H. Corl
Monkland, David Blackwell
Nun danket, David Schelat
Royal Oak, Mary Beth Bennett
St Anne, Rebecca Groom te Velde
St George's, Windsor, Alan Bullard
St Helen, Philip Moore
Shout to the North, Michael Bedford
Sine nomine, Paul Leddington Wright
Solid Rock, Craig Phillips
Song 1, Philip Moore
The Ash Grove, Michael Bedford
Thaxted, David Blackwell
Westminster Abbey, Ashley Grote
When the Saints fo marching in, Rebecca Groom te Velde
Wir pflugen, Malcolm Archer



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