Round And Round

Round And Round

Composer John Coates
Voice/Instrument ROUNDS
Difficulty Unrated

Forty Rounds - some serious, some curious but mainly light hearted, by John Coates with illustrations by Stanley Coates. 

1. The Parson and His Horse 
2. Tell Not All You Know 
3. On Thieving 
4. The Mouse and the Elephant 
5. A Tree in Winter 
6. Doctor Bell 
7. Tell My Priests 
8. Happy is the man 
9. Amen 
10. Alleluia 
11. Kyrie Eleison 
12. Christe Eleison 
13. A Lazy Vicar 
14. Little Boy's Prayer 
15. Epitaph for an Idle Charlady 
16. Arabella Young 
17. Epitaph for a Drunkard 
18. Wedding Song 
19. Happy Birthday 
20. Bulldog 
21. Two Dogs 
22. Two Cats 
23. Two Mice 
24. Bunnies 
25. The Cow 
26. The Kangaroo 
27. Two Sparrows 
28. Swans Sing Before They Die 
29. Birds Fly South 
30. P.T.O. 
31. Twins 
32. The Anxious Nurse 
33. Family Grace 
34. Barmaid in Sale 
35. Time Wastes Our Bodies 
36. Nightfall 
37/38. Two Swiss Dances 
39/40. Two Jazz Rounds


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