O Mary, Where Is Your Baby?

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O Mary, Where Is Your Baby?

Composer Christmas Spiritual
Arranger/Editor Gwyn Arch
Voice/Instrument SSA + PIANO
Difficulty Unrated

RECORDING: Performed by Vivace Cantamus, Conducted by Valerie Hoppe


The answer to the question in the title is, "They took Him from the manger and carried Him to the throne." This Christmas spiritual from Louisiana invites us to "read in the gospel and learn the news how the little boy child was born".

Over 6000 spirituals are known. The first printed collection appeared in 1867 and was called Slave songs of the United States. This book included many spirituals that survive to this day, e.g. "Michael row the boat ashore", "Nobody knows the trouble I see", "Rock-a-my-soul in the bosom of Abraham", etc. Spirituals were created over a period of 200 years or so, but not until after the Civil War (1861- 5) were most Americans aware of their existence. This music, richly varied, deeply emotional and expressive is a testament to the strength and tenacity of the American slave. It was the first uniquely American music to emerge from the country.

REVIEW by Gordon Appleton - CMQ December 2013

"an easy three-part (SSA) arrangement of a Christmas spiritual from Louisiana with piano accompaniment. Effective, and yet not difficult, it will be an enjoyable and lively addition to the Christmas repertoire"


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